Aggregate Mining

Lester Brothers Excavating has been in the sand and gravel business since 1999. The company has three portable plants that operate throughout South Central Michigan, offering you complete flexibility for all your aggregate needs. We can produce aggregates to any specification you desire. Our aggregate technicians are MDOT certified and can offer you the best quality product.

Lester Brothers Excavating also offers a wide variety of aggregates for sale in our Jackson location. Please stop by for all your aggregate needs.

Class 2: Sand used for general fill, good for compaction.

Class 3: Sand used for general fill, contains more clay and silt than class 2.

2NS: Washed sand, contains little clay or silt used for bedding in drain fields

Pea stone: 3/8 inch natural washed, round rock, good for drainage and back-fill against foundation walls.

6A: 1 inch to 3/8 inch, natural washed, round rock, used for drain fields.

21AA: 1 inch minus, natural, crushed stone, with crusher dust, used for driveways.

22A: ¾ inch minus, natural, crushed stone with sand, and clay for compaction, used for roadways.

23A: Same as 22A but with a higher clay content, used for shoulders in roadways.

1 inch X 3 inch crushed stone: 3 inch to 1 inch, natural, crushed stone, used for roadways in muddy conditions.