Anthracite Coal

Key attributes of using Anthracite Coal:

  1. All Anthracite Coal used in the U.S. is produced in the Northeast Region by American workers.
  2. It’s the most abundant and economical fossil fuel available on the earth.
  3. It burns at the highest level of BTUs of all fossil fuels, 25 million BTUs of heat per ton.
  4. It’s very low in sulfur and volatile content compared to other competing fuels.
  5. It’s primarily mined on the surface, retrieving coal that was abandoned from deep mines underground by drag-line shovels, better known as strip mining.
  6. All Strip Mining Land is reclaimed and filled, regulated by the government.
  7. Environmentally Sound – Anthracite coal is a full-cycle resource. Burn it for heat, use the ashes for acetic landfill and crop fertilizers.
  8. Safety – It is the safest fuel to use, maintain & burn, using low maintenance and self-serviceable burners. There are no concerns of chimney fires.

Compare The Cost of Heating Your House

Anthracite Coal$700.000%
Heating Oil$864.00+23%
Natural Gas$712.00+2%
Wood Pellets$1073.00+53%
Propane Gas$1987.00+184%