Septic Field Installation

Septic field installation is something that many new and existing homeowners will face at some point. Existing homeowners many times experience failed drain fields. This typically happens when grounds become so saturated that they can no longer accept any more liquid,s or your drain lines are plugged from collecting to many solids (which can be avoided by regular pumping). If this is the case, the homeowner normally has two options; either install a new field system, or hook onto a municipal sewer main (if available in your area).

How do I know if my system has failed?

One way to tell if your system has failed is if you have water coming up out of the ground in your septic field area. Another indication is your system backing up into your home.

How do I go about getting a new drain field?

The first step would be to contact Lester Brothers and notify them of your problem. At this point, we would then contact the County Health Dept. and set up an on-site soil evaluation. An official with the County Health Dept. would come out and take a look at your existing soils and draw out a plan for a replacement system (this step does have a charge of $250).

Lester Brothers would then be able to go over everything that would take place with the installation of your system and the type of system your home requires (mound, trench, pressure, or bed). An accurate estimate on what your cost would be to replace your field would also be available at this time.