Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks should be pumped regularly as standard care for your septic system. Regular cleanings keep solids from going into drain fields and clogging the lines that disperse the liquids from the house. Regular pumping can add years of life to your existing drain field, most systems should be pumped out every three to five years. If the household has heavy use it may be smart to consider every two years.

Most systems have one 1000 gal tank but some areas have a 1500 gal tank or multiple tanks. If you have questions on what kind of set-up you have, information may be available at the County Health Dept. The Jackson County Health Dept. phone number is (517) 788-4433.

Cost of septic tank pumping can vary depending on the cost of disposal. Please call Lester Bros at (517) 764 7888 for the most current rate on pumping your tank.

Bio Tab:

Lester Brothers is also a supplier of Bio Tab chemicals, a specially formulated pill to help your system stay healthy by giving it the proper bugs to help break down solids. This helps prevent large buildup of scum in your system, giving you’re a longer lifetime. Highly recommended and very affordable, comes in a small jar which last 12 months. Ask your pumping technician onsite or call our office at (517) 764-7888